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Valeo Pharma’s Specialty Products Business Unit is focused on providing Canadian healthcare professionals and patients with innovative hospital specialty products. RedescaTM, it’s leading specialty product, is a Low Molecular Weight Heparin, an injectable anticoagulant drug used primarily to treat and prevent deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism. Valeo also commercialize additional hospital specialty products.
Specialty Product


RedescaTM is the only heparin biosimilar that is clinically tested, has the largest global patient exposure, and that supprts affordability (health care).

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Enoxaparin sodium solution for injection

Available Strengths
Solution for subcutaneous or intravenous injection, 100 mg/mL

30 mg / 0.3 mL PFS DIN 02509075
40 mg / 0.4 mL PFS DIN 02509083
60 mg / 0.6 mL PFS DIN 02509091
80 mg / 0.8 mL PFS DIN 02509105
100 mg / 1 mL PFS DIN 02509113
300 mg / 3 mL VIAL DIN 02509121

Solution for subcutaneous or intravenous injection, 150 mg/mL (High Potency)

120 mg / 0.8 mL PFS DIN 02509148
150 mg / 1 mL PFS DIN 02509156

Specialty Product

Ametop Gel 4%

Ametop Gel is indicated for percutaneous local anesthetic to produce anesthesia of the skin prior to venepuncture or venous cannulation, including intravenous injections of medications.

Specialty Product


M-Eslon is a narcotic analgesic distributed by Valeo Pharma in Canada through a license from Ethypharm S.A.

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Specialty Products